Workers House

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Workers House

These come in 3 different scaled each is listed below 

15mm 9.6x8.3x7.6cm

20mm 13.2x11.4x10.4cm

28mm 16.7x14.5x13.3cm


These are printed in PLA plastic and printed to a high print quality very little to no cleaning needed and only require a little assembly if you want levels glued together.

Prime and then paint or airbrush with acrylic paints.

World War collection designed by the amazing Jen's Najewitz these designs are if not the best one of the best in the world. They add the finishing touch and World War look to your tabletop game. Please note that because of the size of these prints please don't expect them over night we print to order and we often have a backlog, you will be notified when you print gets close to going on but this is often up to 3 to 4 week and longer in some cases during busy times.
OTP Terrain is a 
licensed printer
of 3D Print terrain
By Jen's Najewitz