Wightwood Abbey Walls

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Wightwood Abbey Walls
These walls are meant for use with the Wightwood Abbey core set buildings and is not a fully modular set. This set includes select wall pieces only (and none of the buildings pictured in the product image).
The Wightwood Abbey Walls are designed to specifically surround the Wightwood Abbey monastery when built according to how it was designed. The walls are meant to be laid out in combination with the Scriptorium, Church and Gatehouse to create a 3×3 foot monastery enclosure.
The exterior walls come in 4 sections of multiple prints each, plus there are 2 garden wall prints for the Abbot’s personal garden. Each print is marked with a number on the bottom to help you keep track of them and how they attach to each other.
Comes with 21 wall sections
Prints in A LOT of parts
28mm Scale
Printed in Silver PLA+