Wightwood Abbey Stables

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Wightwood Abbey Stables

A single story, floorless medieval stables with main area consisting of stone walls and wood-slatted stalls attached at either end. The stables have been designed without a floor so as to better blend in with whatever ground cover you are using.

Assembled from 6 parts, plus doors
Assembled: 14″L x 4″W x 6″H Inches
28mm Scale
Printed in Silver PLA+


“They say spending time with the innocence of animals is akin to spending time in the presence of the holy.”

A medieval, stonework stables for use with the Wightwood Abbey terrain set or in any setting requiring a stables. This model is designed without a floor as to better blend in with the type of ground cover you are playing with. The front of the stables features two sets of functioning double doors. The stables are large enough to hold several animals or small vehicles. There are also two small pens positioned on either side of the stables with optional roofs. All roofs detach to allow internal game play.