Wightwood Abbey Smitty

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Wightwood Abbey Smitty

This versatile smithing yard is designed to be used with the Wightwood Abbey core set (fitting perfectly in the corner between the gatehouse and abbot’s house), but can be used in any situation where a medieval forge is called for. The yard works well placed against any existing wall on your gaming table, making it a simple piece to add to any scene. The large open forge is removable and can be placed on its own in your scenario if needed. This set comes with 4 essential smithing items, each printed on their own: an anvil, a bellows, a grindstone and a quenching tank.

Prints in 7 parts
Assembled size: 6″L x 4 ⅝″W x 4 ¾″H inches
Removable Forge
Comes with 4 unique forge items: Anvil, Bellows, Grindstone and Quenching Tank
28mm scale
Printed in Silver PLA+

“We’ve seen their fires in the hills and we know they are soon coming. Let you hammer ring all night forgemaster, for we’ll need every bit of steal when they reach our walls…” 

The Wightwood Abbey Smitty is an essential part of life at Wightwood Abbey. With the many repairs to do, the horses to shoe, and the unfortunate necessity of arms and armour for defence of the monastery, the forge rarely goes cold. On the game table, this set can be used with Wightwood Abbey or with any medieval setting. The individual pieces that come with the set can of course be used wherever they are needed, the removable forge being a particularly nice feature. The removable roof is flat enough to stand miniatures on, and makes this set great for adding more varied heights to your battles.