Wightwood Abbey Church

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Wightwood Abbey Church
This large medieval church features two entrances with working doors, a balcony over the nave with removable organ, and walls that can be lifted off at a low height to provide clear line-of-sight during skirmishes.
Comes in 10 parts 
Assembled size: 18″L x 9″W x 20″H Inches

“So very much do the pilgrims revere the blessed church. Its majestic organ, sanctified nave, and magnificent apse bring humility to all who enter its sacred halls. May your devotion not go unnoticed.”

A monumental building, printed in 10 parts, big enough for an internal battle. It has an interior balcony (with removable organ!) overlooking the nave, a tall tower and steeple, both front and side entrances (with working doors), as well as two small and one large rose windows. A detailed mosaic occupies the centre of the church and the wall sections detach just above the building’s footprint to allow for easy access and sight-lines from all angles.

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