Wightwood Abbey 3"x3" Core Set Bundle & Furniture

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Wightwood Abbey 3"x3" Core Set Bundle

The Wightwood Abbey Core Set Bundle includes from our Wightwood Abbey collection:


1 x The Scriptorium
1 x Abbot’s House
1 x Gatehouse
1 x Stables
1 x Church
1 x Surrounding Walls
4 x Furniture Sets

With this bundle you can build the the entire abbey core set and lay it out on a 3′ x 3′ surface for epic tabletop battles. Each individual model in the bundle can also be used on its own in any other scenario you imagine, and could be combined with any of our other models for unique configurations.
Prints in A LOT of parts
28mm Scale
Printed in Silver PLA+
$$ Outlay but great way to buy & have the whole set & save some $$