Tribal Cells

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Tribal Cells

From his vantage port Grishnak could see the entire forest. It was quiet today. He didn’t mind the quiet. That’s not to say he didn’t mind noise either. Both were acceptable. Just as he settled down for a hog shank second afternoon tea break, the forest moved. Elves probably. He spat. Dropping his half eaten snack he picked up his horn and made some noise.

The Tribal Cells is a fantasy building that can be used for roleplaying or tabletop games. It is an ideal skirmish building, as it has easy access through platforms and bridges for mini placement and great areas for combat cover.

SIZE: 29 x 13 x 18.1cm
Printed with Silver PLA+, High quality & low layer height
We pride ourself in the amazing quality of our prints
Prints Do not come painted
Word - Tribal Cells