Thatched Storehouse

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Thatched Storehouse

The Wightwood Abbey Thatched Storehouse features three levels of play; an open ground floor plus two additional floors with 2 separate entrances. This model works well in a large number of scenarios and can be used for multiple purposed (storehouse, garage, coach house, workhouse, etc.).

Prints in 6 parts
Assembled size: 7″W x 6.5″D x 9″H inches
28mm scale
Printed in Silver PLA+

“Remarkable. You actually seem to be showing signs of improvement. I thought no one survived the plague… yet you seem to be getting better. Well, now is a perfect time to put you to work! A little sweat always help cleanse the system. There’s plenty of work to be done in the storehouse…” – Brother Sowards

The Thatched Storehouse is a perfect location for staging an ambush or hiding out while on the run. The open first level allows this terrain piece to blend in perfectly with whatever terrain you’re using, and has enough room to keep livestock, supplies and even vehicles. The second level has two entrances; one conveniently reached by a set of stairs, and the other leading to a precarious perch normally used while storing or removing the contents of the building. A third level hides above the other two levels, only accessible by interior ladder. Perfect for hiding out! Use the Thatched Storehouse in a wide variety of settings as a barn, shed, workshop or whatever needs your scenario requires.