Support Post Sets

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Support Post Sets

These are your wall support poles, each support pole has 4 channels cut out of the sides. These channels allow walls to be slotted in from above or below. 

Comes with 12 support posts in each set that's enough for 3 single story struthers

There are 2 different sets to pick from and 2 different designs for each. Please select set then add to cart

If you want to construct a multi story building or structure you need to use the posts that are Stackable as they have a hole in bottom and peg on top.

Post Size

1.8 x 1.8 x 7.6cm each 

This is the latest and by far the best Industrial Modular Terrain you will see for your gaming table!! So amazing that if your space/storage pore that is ok this is for you it packs away into small sections & then you can also build a different set up next time you designs and builds can be endless.

All Printed in Silver PLA+ Premium Filament to a high quality and low layer line.
OTP Terrain pride ourselves on exceptional detail and quality going to all customers 

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