Super Chibi "Takata"

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Super Chibi "Takata"

Takata is not his real name, but that of his clan. Takata grew up in the mountain regions of Kobo and was known by the name of Akito Takata. He like most of his clan were nothing more than simple rice farmers. He did have dreams of being something more and secretly trained in the arts of Cydo with his father. Cybo was an art that his ancestors perfected but instead gave up a long time ago when his clan chose the path of peace. Only a few of the clan even know the art now and is a very tightly keep secret. Takata’s life was all well till the day the clan was destroyed. A rival clan of assassins had the aid of S.E.E.D. programmed with the discord programming descended on the clan looking for a master to teach them Cydo. The elders refused and a bloody battle ensued. In the end, the assassins won and it was believed that the Takata clan was all slain, but that would not be the case. Akito was on the verge of death from his wounds when he was found. His life was saved, but at a cost. Akito was now more robot than he was human. He vowed to destroy those who did this to his clan. He took the name, Takata, as he was the last of his clan to honor them and now hunts for those who murdered his clan.

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Small: foot - eye 20mm to 25mm
Medium: foot - eye 30mm to 35mm
Large: foot to eye 40mm to 50mm

OTP prints to a very high quality 0.025 microns with high quality UV Tough Resin. (Colour will vary) Miniatures supplied unpainted & not assembled if in parts.


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