Super Chibi "Grog"

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Super Chibi "Grog"

Foot to eye approx 50mm to 55mm

Grog, the worg rider of the war fang clan is a feared warrior throughout the Forest Elf kingdom. Many elves have met their end by his sword or even worse the worg he rides. While fearless in battle many may do not know that he has a gentle heart and deep love for the worgs of his clan. He only fights because he has to, he fights for the survival of his clan and the prtection of the worgs.  


OTP prints to a very high quality 0.025 microns with high quality UV Tough Resin. (Colour will vary) Miniatures supplied unpainted & not assembled if in parts.


Proud Licensed printers for Midknight Heros they design and print too; USA USA

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