Super Chibi "Elizabeth"

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Super Chibi "Elizabeth"

Elizabeth is a hairdresser in the lower parts of Sector 7. Day after day she would see her sector's chaos ad how it affected those around her. This was something she could not stand for, she had to do something. It was at that time she decided to take the fight to the streets of Sector 7. She fashioned swords in the form of scissors and a flamethrower that looks much like a hair dryer and took to the streets. Her sector was going to be cleaned!

Available is the following sizes please select size then add to cart

Small: foot - eye 20mm to 25mm
Medium: foot - eye 30mm to 35mm
Large: foot to eye 40mm to 50mm

OTP prints to a very high quality 0.025 microns with high quality UV Tough Resin. (Colour will vary) Miniatures supplied unpainted & not assembled if in parts.


Proud Licensed printers for Midknight Heros they design and print too; USA USA

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