Strip Mall

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Strip Mall

Have a fun day out browsing the empty shelves and racks at the stores in the urban Strip Mall for 28mm tabletop war-games. Perfect for games of post-apocalyptic fallout mayhem, hiding from the undead or rival gangs of survivors, or as a safe refuge. The rooftops and stores are great for placing objective markers and also for line of sight blocking and providing cover. 

Incorporates a built-in ladder to the back to allow access to the roof areas. Also comes with an optional fire escape stairs. 3 main store buildings with removable roofs, and doors. The overall completed model measures 332mm x 119mm x 105mm (13" x 5" x 4").


Building: 110mm x 68mm x 53mm
Overhangs with Pillars: 110mm x 52mm x 50mm
Rooftops: 110mm x 113 x 54mm
Fire Escape: 30mm x 106mm x 82mm

Printers in Silver PLA+ to high quality and low layer height.
Miniatures Not included

Symbol - Strip Mall