Stone Wall Set

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Stone Wall Set

Scaled for 28mm Gaming
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A set of stone walls from old Japan. These walls would have surrounded residential houses of samurai and local wealthy landowners. Since the stone bases were time-consuming and costly to build, they were often used at the front of a property while lower walls were used at the sides and back of a property.


Walls can be used as lower head-height walls (approximately 38mm tall) or mounted on the stone bases to raise them another 20mm for a total height of 58mm. Straight and corner sections are included, and an alternative straight section with vertical wooden bar "windows" is also included in the set.


The gateway is approximately 90mm tall, and features detailed wooden supports under the roof and to the rear. Three versions of the door are included - a grid cut out version, a vertical slit cut-out version, and a solid wooden door. These doors actually slide (see video below), and can be removed during play if required.

Each straight section measures 120mm, and all sections include holes for 5mm x 1mm magnets.



4 x corner
2 x Gate
6 x Straight 
All roofs and gate doors
8 x corner
2 x Gate
12 x Straight 
All roofs and gate doors

This  range of historical / fantasy themed 28mm wargaming terrain is suitable for feudal Japanese villages and towns, for use in your Test of Honour, Torii, Kensei, Bushido, Ronin, WWII Bolt Action and other wargames and roleplaying games.

Highly detailed terrain is a must for your ultimate gaming experience.

Printed with Silver PLA+ to high quality and low layer height.

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