Sea Reaver

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Sea Reaver

Across the seas we carve a trail
through the hungry blues and greens
tame the biting, clawing waves
reave our path amidst the white

Though whipped by wind and slammed by hail
our grace, our guile, our cunning keen,
those squalling tempests we will brave
and sail safe into the light

The Sea Reaver is a ship suited for fantasy RPG, pirate, or skirmish tabletop games

SIZE Ship Hull 47.7 x 15.3 x 6.7 cm

PLEASE NOTE: You are buying the ship hull weapons if applicable and rigging clips

You will need to supply:   6mm (1/4”) and 4mm (3/16”) dowel for the masts, and black elastic string for the rope. You will get a list of what you need with your ship.

Optional extras please see:

1. Cargo Piles

2. Internal decks for RP game play

3. Ship Wakes

Printed in PLA+ to high quality and low layer height please do not come painted there are silver

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