Saint Privat Houses Set (Un-Damaged or Damaged)

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Saint Privat Houses Set

(Un-Damaged or Damaged)

These come in 4 different scales each is listed below 

NOTE Miniatures are not included 


Undamaged sizes will vary slightle with damaged version

These are undamaged sizes damaged is just not as tall


House 1 79x69x74mm
House 2 79x69x74mm
House 3 58x50x58mm
House 4 58x46x58mm
House 5 58x46x58mm
House 6 35x61x53mm
Annex 1 27x13x29mm
Annex 2 17x28x32mm


House 1 115x101x108mm
House 2 115x101x108mm
House 3 85x73x84mm
House 4 84x67x84mm
House 5 85x67x85mm
House 6 51x89x78mm
Annex 1 40x19x42mm
Annex 2 26x40x47mm


House 1 158x139x148mm
House 2 158x139x149mm
House 3 116x100x116mm
House 4 116x92x116mm
House 5 116x92x116mm
House 6 71x122x107mm
Annex 1 55x26x58mm
Annex 2 35x56x65mm


House 1 201x176x188mm
House 2 201x176x189mm
House 3 148x127x147mm
House 4 147x117x147mm
House 5 148x116x148mm
House 6 90x155x136mm
Annex 1 70x34x74mm
Annex 2 45x71x83mm


These are printed in PLA plastic and printed to a high print quality, very little to no cleaning needed and only require a little assembly if you want levels glued together.

Prime and then paint or airbrush with acrylic paints.

World War collection designed by the amazing Jen's Najewitz these designs are if not the best one of the best in the world. They add the finishing touch and World War look to your tabletop game. 

OTP Terrain is a 
licensed printer
of 3D Print terrain
By Jen's Najewitz