Ruined Whitstone Keep

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Ruined Whitstone Keep


Comes in 10 parts footprint is approx 23.5 x 31.5 cm

Introducing the Ruined Whitstone Keep. A massive keep of Stormguard. Still used to this day to guard the most important commodities of Stormgaurd, the water supply, and food. Sitting atop a massive hill of stone and rubble complete with waterway underneath for fresh water, the keep is a massive structure. With two main floors complete with stairs and defensive positions, and then two additional floors in the tower, the proud Whitstone Keep stands four floors tall over top of a waterway!

This amazing range is sure to please all gamers & print your table to life.

All scaled for 28 mm gaming. We can rescale to larger or smaller sizes please just message for a quote.

Printed in Silver PLA+ to a high quality with low layer lines.

Our quality is something we pride ourselves on.