Ruined Homes Set of 4 Houses

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Ruined Homes Set of 4 Houses

Once long ago, a place where families could grow and laughter could be heard, now just piles of rubble. The Ruined Homes is perfect for adding cover and areas to explore on any battlefield. 

These pieces of terrain are scatter terrain, and are perfect for fantasy role-playing games and tabletop games. This modular set contains 4 different bottom floors, 4 different middle floors, and 4 roof sections these are the same, enough parts to build 10 different combinations of homes because all the parts work together.  

SIZE: 14.9 x 19.4x 16.8 cm each house

This amazing range is sure to please all gamers & print your table to life.

All scaled for 28 mm gaming. We can rescale to larger or smaller sizes please just message for a quote.

Printed in Silver PLA+ to a high quality with low layer lines.

Our quality is something we pride ourselves on.