Ruined Bridge (bridge expansion set)

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Ruined Bridge (bridge expansion set)

These modular, ruined medieval bridge sections are meant to be used with the Medieval Modular Bridge (Core Set). The pieces contained in this pack add a detailed range of broken and damaged sections of the bridge that work seamlessly with the core set and allow for a wide variety of configurations. With this set you can replace entire sections of the bridge with ruined parts, or simply cap the edges of your existing bridge sections with ruined edges. Use the fully destroyed weirs to create huge gaps in the ruined bridge, or simply place some of the new ruined sections on top of whole or partially broken weirs to create gaps that the average person could ‘almost’ jump across…

Comes with 

TBC_TRBRDG_RUIN_END A = 108x39x12mm

TBC_TRBRDG_RUIN_END B = 110x45x32mm

TBC_TRBRDG_RUIN_SPAN_A = 95x119x78mm

TBC_TRBRDG_RUIN_SPAN_B = 180x127x104mm

TBC_TRBRDG_RUIN_SPAN_C = 129x127x105mm

TBC_TRBRDG_RUIN_WEIR_A = 166x203x85mm

TBC_TRBRDG_RUIN_WEIR_B = 126x193x83mm


28mm gaming 

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    PLA + Plastic 
    Text - Wightwood Abbey Church Furniture Pack