Ravens Hollow 2 Building Multi Roof Set

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Ravens Hollow 2 Building Multi Roof Set
The Tudor Cottage is the workhorse of any medieval fantasy city.  It's time to give those NPC's a place to live too.  Build up your city quickly with the Tudor Cottage.  With the different roof options, you will be able to build several different looking Tudor Cottages.
This is a great set you get extra roof sections of different roof styles so you can make it what you want and have extra roof's.
They come flat pack and you then glue assemble them. They come with roof clips and brackets so you can easily remove the roof for in house gaming.
11 x 12.5 x 11.2 cm each Cottage
2 x cottage back
2 x cottage front
4 x cottage side
4 x flat roof
2 x double window roof
2 x single window roof

his is all printer with silver PLA+ and is easily painted with a primer and then acrylic paints
Please note the images used are from the designer and are not how the prints come they come unpainted.
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