Rastl The Countin Goblin

Rastl The Countin Goblin

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Rastl The Countin Goblin

On the Battlefield, The Broozers are lords of the land, large and powerful, capable of crushing anything in their path, however, off the battlefield, they are little more than a disorganized rabble. Without the help of the Goblins, the entire army would run out of steam and collapse into infighting before reaching the next foe.

Rastl, being a particular cunning Goblin, quickly learned that the Broozers can't count very high, and thus set to work organizing everything behind the scenes. Thanks to its tireless work, the numbers are being counted, and the things are being stacked. (And there are many other big words that just confuse the broozers being used)

Scaled for 28mm Gaming 


This is a high resolution UV Resin miniature.  All miniatures require a bit of cleanup, assembly & arrive unpainted.

Alternate figure used for Scale only. 

If you have a question regarding the material please message us.

Gear Gut's Designs are amazing with attention to detail & Our print quality is something we stand by & pride ourselves on.


Weapon - Rastl The Countin Goblin