Prison Hut / Quarantine

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Prison Hut / Quarantine

The Wightwood Abbey Prison Hut / Quarantine is a multi-use model with a sinister edge. Weather used as a dilapidated prison hut or a regrettable but necessary quarantine, this terrain piece works well in many scenarios as both an important location as well as simple cover or a hideout. Double doors reinforce the defence capabilities of this small building and occupants can subsist using the small stove and meagre facilities.

Prints in 5 parts
Assembled size: 4″W x 5″D x 4.75″H inches
28mm scale

“I told you not to come down here. I told you the disease still lingered. I warned you, and now you’ve left me no choice…. I’ll be sure to bring you food and water, but I can’t have you running about and risk infecting anyone else. I’m truly sorry, but it’s for your own good…” – Brother Sowards

The Prison Hut / Quarantine is an isolated, depressing hole of a building where the unwanted or highly contagious are kept from contact with others. A set of double doors keep the interned from making an easy escape, but all empathy is not forgotten for the unfortunate, as the occupant has access to a comfy little stove and, er… ‘adequate’ facilities.  This uncomfortable terrain piece works well with the Infirmary of the Plagued but can be used in a semi-permanent army camp, a village with a strict mayor, or perhaps an estate with a cruel landowner. Watch out! You never know who might be hiding in this neglected building!