NECRO-NITE Warp Portal

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NECRO-NITE Warp Portal

A NECRO-NITE-inspired warp portal and dais, with 2 'warp' discs plain and swirl. This is a complete 21-piece kit, requiring assembly (...but it's fun!).

PLEASE NOTE the Discs are printed in translucent filament so you can get the affect your after.

 This piece measures approximately 24 x 14 cm, with a height of 18cm

 This terrain is amazing it very well designed you can have parts that are engraved with patterns or fully cut out so you can light it up underneath 

PLEASE NOTE miniatures not included
All Printed in silver PLA unless otherwise stated. 
Easily painted with a primer then acrylic paints.
Images used are supplied form the designer and miniatures are not included
Text - NECRO-NITE Warp Portal