NECRO-NITE Objectives Set of 6

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NECRO-NITE Objectives Set of 6

A set of NECRO-NITE-inspired game objectives, with 1 body type and 6 numbered tops.

 Each objective measures W 4.8cm x D 4.8cm x H 6.1cm, and the interior of each objective can be fitted with a small LED tea light battery operated to illuminate the large symbol on each side and the 'number' marking on top (bunnings sell coloured sets).

 This terrain is amazing it very well designed you can have parts that are engraved with patterns or fully cut out so you can light it up underneath 

PLEASE NOTE miniatures not included
All Printed in silver PLA unless otherwise stated. 
Easily painted with a primer then acrylic paints.
Images used are supplied form the designer and miniatures are not included
Text - NECRO-NITE Objectives Set of 6