Modular Town Ruins

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Modular Town Ruins

Sometimes city fights can be so fierce that little more than shattered, broken walls remain of once proud buildings.

The Modular Town Ruins are an extensive set of ruin sections.  The ruins are based on the French House ruins so are compatible with our existing French buildings.  Each piece is designed to be configured as a corner ruin using OpenLOCK clips. These pieces can be combined in different configurations.

Each piece has an A and B Section.  The thirty-two pieces create sixteen corners which are designed to mix and match. The small supports in the OpenLOCK port will need to be removed with a screwdriver.

The OpenLOCK clip is included.

28mm scale 


The sizes vary as the is so many of then but they are all 28mm scale

Printed in silver PLA+ high quality low layer height 

Word - Modular Town Ruins