Mini Russian Village Set #A

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Mini Russian Village Set #A


Barn #2 69x45x50mm
House #2 87x95x68mm

Barn #2 94x61x70mm
House #2 119x131x94mm

Barn #2 120x78x90mm
House #2 1511x166x119mm

Comes with fences and hay etc
Note don't window placements don't match physical product

All these models are available in 15 mm, 20 mm & 28 mm Scale select the scale you want then add to cart.
World War collection designed by the amazing Jen's Najewitz these designs are if not the best one of the best in the world. They add the finishing touch and World War look to your tabletop game. 
Printing Info
PLA+ Plastic 

OTP Terrain is a 
licensed printer
of 3D Print terrain
By Jen's Najewitz