Mek Grandpa ( 121.92cm Tall)

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Mek Grandpa ( 121.92cm Tall)

The Grand Daddy of all walkers, the Mek Grandpa arrives, absolutely covered in weapons, turrets and armor, this titanic construct dwarfs all others. Each arm ends in a massive cannon ready to rip apart entire battle lines, while its hull is barnacled with dozens upon dozens of turrets, its ready to make its mark upon the battlefield.

Standing just shy of FOUR FEET TALL, this gargantuan "Mini" is ready to dominate any table top, with hundreds of parts involved, it is not for those of the faint of heart. 
Due to the massive size of this project, inscturions will involve a screen share of the core design, and a step by step process of assembly. 

This is a massive "miniature."


This is a high resolution PLA PLASTIC miniature.  All miniatures require a bit of cleanup, assembly & arrive unpainted.

Alternate figure used for Scale only. 

If you have a question regarding the material please message us.

Gear Gut's Designs are amazing with attention to detail & Our print quality is something we stand by & pride ourselves on.


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