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A much overlooked necessity in any village, town or rural setting. The Laundry has been designed to give some partial cover to characters crouching behind its low stone wall, and the centre of the model has room for a figure to take advantage of this from more that one angle. No one expects an ambush from the laundry! Just when you thought it was safe to doff your armour and wash your linens…

Assembled size: 7W x 7.5D x 4Hcm

“My turn to do the laundry again? I hadn’t realized a week had gone by already…. What about Brother Rowntree? Can’t you ask him to do it? I mean, I’m pretty busy studying these prayers and he doesn’t even mind the work and I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been a week…” – Brother Haldall

Nothing is sure but death and taxes, and laundry. The adage holds true in Wightwood Abbey as much as it does anywhere else, and all the monks must take turns at the washing. The paupers that live outside the abbey gates make use of the laundry as well, and in fact it is here that all who reside on Hallanth Hill get a chance to mingle and know one another.