Kaarsohn's Refuge Nursery Bundle

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Kaarsohn's Refuge Nursery Bundle

32mm scale

"The ‘Nursery’ at the refuge was once a vital structure in the complex. It housed and incubated many indispensable nutrient-rich fungal species, essential to survival on this barren rock. Now, nothing save for discarded speeder components,  ancient droid motivators, and spoiled cargo containers."


Building C Lower - 180mm x 197mm x 123mm
Building C Roof - 183mm x 196mm x 33mm
Building D Lower - 100mm x 138mm x 123mm
Building D Roof - 100mm x 123mm x 62mm
Building E Lower - 109mm x 140mm x 123mm
Building E Roof - 108mm x 122mm x 62mm
Entrance Archway - 196mm x 97mm x 172mm

Printers in Silver PLA+ to high quality and low layer height.

Symbol - Kaarsohn's Refuge Nursery Bundle