Hidden Forest Real - Trees Set

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Hidden Forest Real -Trees Set

28mm Heroic Scale model

This is a kit form and requires assembling the parts are large. 


100% Scale
Tree 1 125x174x288mm
Tree 2 90x173x295mm
Tree 3 131x154x291mm
Tree 4 176x124x251mm
75% Scale
Tree 1  94x130x261mm
Tree 2 67x129x221mm
Tree 3 98x116x218mm
Tree 4 132x93x188mm
50% Scale 
Tree 1 62x87x144mm
Tree 2 45x86x147mm
Tree 3 65x77x145mm
Tree 4 88x62x125mm

Printing Info

Printed with silver PLA+ to low layer and high detail quality, some cleaning before priming and painting may be required.