Grotto Walls Full Starter Set

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Grotto Walls Full Starter Set

Comes with 13 different wall parts as pictures

The Grotto Walls set is designed to be used as scatter dungeon terrain for fantasy tabletop and role-playing games. It includes scatter terrain pieces that feature cavern floors of various sizes. There are holes underneath each piece to fit 3mm diameter magnets. This pack is part of the Goblin Grotto Cavern tile system and is compatible with the Grotto Floors cavern set.

The walls and floors are versatile pieces that can be used in a variety of ways for different gaming styles. They can be used to create quick cavern crawls or outdoor wilderness encounters. They can be combined with negative spaces that can be filled with printed pictures or patterned table mats to give extra depth to an environment.


 45° #1 = 4.5x3.4x5.5cm
 45° #2 = 6.8x3.8x7.1cm
 45° #3 = 9.6x3.9x6.7cm
 60° #1 = 3.1x5x5cm
 60° #2 = 3.8x7.6x7.3cm
 60° #3 = 4.5x10x6.9cm
 60° Column 2.5x2.5x6.8cm

90° #1 = 3.1x6.2x5.6cm
90° #2 = 3.6x8.7x7.3cm
90° #3 = 3.7x11x6.2cm
120° #1 = 3.8x6.1x7.7cm
120° #2 = 6x8.7x7.6cm
120° #3 = 7.3x10.9x7.5cm

Printed with Silver PLA + premium Filamnet & to high quality / low layer hight.
Here at OTP we pride ourself on only the best going out the door.
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