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The Galleon is the flagship of the Printable Scenery fleet. Whether you are fighting the vast undead scourge risen from Davey Jones’ locker or a foreign invasion force you know you can plan and lead your war armada with this ship.

With 26 cannon ports, 4 masts, a beautiful figurehead and rear detail you can have it take pride of place towering above other warships on the roiling seas or on your display shelf. This ship is big, it has 4 vast interior decks where you can fight deck to deck skirmish or play hours of RPG adventure. The internal decks for RPG do not come with the ship but can be purchased separately

SIZE Ship Fully Rigged  Fully rigged it’s 64cm long and 61cm tall

PLEASE NOTE: You are buying the ship hull weapons and rigging clips

You will need to supply:   6mm (1/4”) and 4mm (3/16”) dowel for the masts, and black elastic string for the rope. You will get a list of what you need with your ship.

Optional extras please see:

1. Cargo Piles

2. Internal decks for RP game play

3. Ship Wakes

Printed in PLA+ to high quality and low layer height please do not come painted there are silver

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