Galactic Settlement Bundle

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Galactic Settlement Bundle

32mm scale also compatible with 40K


Ark Colonists! Space Settlers! Terraformers! Tired of the Galactic wars? Wouldn’t you like to get away from that pesky wars that have been raging for a millennia. You can start a stylish new home on a new planet at affordable prices. We have the best adobe prefabricated homes in all the Galaxies at the best prices.


1 x Sci-Fi Adobe Hut A
1 x Sci-Fi Adobe Hut B
1 x Sci-Fi Adobe Hut C
1 x Sci-Fi Adobe Hut D
1 x Droid Yard
Sci-Fi Vaporator set of 10 yo get 5 of each
Printers in Silver PLA+ to high quality and low layer height.
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