Flexi - XL Skeleton

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Flexi - XL Skeleton

All these Flexi's are great sensory toys. Fun gift for the kids. Great for cake toppers too.

XL Skeleton,

685mm Tall and flippy Floppy Flexi

It comes in 5 parts that will requite superglue we sell the best one for PLA below is link to it.

 GLUE we recommend

Lots of different colours to pit from, we do not paint you pick 1 colour, and then you can paint detail if you wish with acrylic paints great fun for the kids big and small.
Printing Info / Material info
These are printed to order, can at times take a few weeks, if you require urgent please also message.
These are 3D printed with PLA+ a plastic material. NOTE, they can not be left in direct sunlight or hear over 50°c, or they will warp. PLA is also a food safe material. PLA is a 3D printing material that is safe for food contact. With plastic injection moulding, this material is used to make packaging.