Elven Grove Hinged Wall

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Elven Grove Hinged Wall

Within the ruins of Ithillia, the echoes of elven craftsmanship linger yet, in the shape of fine columns and walls that once formed elaborately constructed buildings.

The Elven Groves Hinged Wall is designed to be used with our other scatter dungeon terrain pieces for tabletop and role-playing games. It prints in 2 parts with a hole for inserting a filament piece, to form the moveable hinge. This allows you to create a range of wall angles from 90° to 270°

SIZE  each part 5 x 2 x 4.1cm

SIZE Length is all different but width and height is 3.5 x 5.9 cm
Different size sets available each seat contains even amount of parts so if its a set of 20 you get 10 of each part
2 clips per wall section OpenLOCK Clips
Printed with Silver PLA+, High quality & low layer height
We pride ourself in the amazing quality of our prints
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