Dwarven Two-Handed Specialists - Unit Set

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Dwarven Two-Handed Specialists - Unit Set

Perfect as city guards, player characters, monster slayers and caravan guards, this couple of raging dwarves have modular ball jointed wrists that are compatible with all the other dwarven weapon sets we made.

This set includes:
- 2 highly detailed Dwarven Two Handed Specialists.
- Interchangeable Weapons (two-handed Axe, two-handed Maul)
- 2 Bases.
Dearf Male Base 25x25x.3mm Mini off base with no weapons
28.16mm high.
Dearf Female Base 25x25x.3mm Mini off base with no weapons
30.93mm high.

OTP Terrain & Miniature uv resin print all miniature with Premium grade resin.

We pride ourself on making sure only the best quality get to our customers.

We have a large range that will be added to over the coming months they will be available for pre order in Mid September 2019.

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Word - Dwarven Two-Handed Specialists - Unit Set

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