Dilapidated Shed

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Dilapidated Shed

The Dilapidated Shed can be used as part of the Last Hearth Inn compound, or easily on its own in any setup that asks for a ramshackle shed. The shed’s upper half lifts off for easy placement of minis. The low stone wall around the shed is designed to work with the Modular Farm Walls set as well.

  • 2-part model



          28 mm scale
          Printed in Silver PLA+

          “Yeah, we could probably build another shed, but it would just end up like this one in a hundred years anyway so what’s the point?” – Feg Nee, stablehand and layabout

          The Dilapidated Shed was the first structure built on the Last Hearth Inn grounds, even before the inn itself! Workmen needed a place to put their tools, and so the shed was built on-site. It’s stood in the same place ever since, with the Last Hearth Inn literally built up around it. Many event and meetings both ordinary and strange have transpired in this shed, though with the door now lost (no one knows how), the shed is rarely used as the ‘secret meeting place’ it once was.