Crypt Entrance

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Crypt Entrance

The Wightwood Abbey Crypt Entrance is a great “entrance to” piece of terrain. It’s perfect as a destination objective and as a transition piece to another locale. This purchase includes two versions of the Crypt Entrance, a flat-backed version that can be placed up against a wall or other surface of your choice, and a version with an earthen mound behind it that can be used anywhere on your table top.

Assembled size: 4.3″W x 6.6″D x 3.5″H
28mm scale
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“I had a dream father, of the crypt doors bursting open in a storm. An unkindness of Ravens came flying out, cawing and dispersing into the clouded sky. Following behind them came the figure of a man draped in hides, and carrying a brilliant wightwood staff. His beard was full of sticks and clotted with dirt, and his eyes naught but staring black orbs. He raised his arms and the trees bent down to him, and the ground beneath the abbey shook and I was afraid…” – Brother Roundtree

The Crypt Entrance is the access point to the abbey catacombs. The abbot holds the only key, and it hangs around his neck at all times.