Clorehaven Building Rubble Set

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Clorehaven Building Rubble Set

This set comes with 6 building rubble parts 

#1 3.1x3.4x1.9cm
#2 5.9x5.6x2.6cm
#3 7.7x8.4x2.3cm
CNR #1 5.1x5.3x3.9cm
CNR #2 9.6x9.6x4cm
HALF 7.6x7.5x4cm

This set contains six different scatter terrain pieces, including three freestanding piles of rubble and three piles of rubble stacked against building walls or inside and outside corners. These are good for providing cover or objectives in tabletop skirmish and role-playing games.

Printed with Silver PLA + premium Filamnet & to high quality / low layer hight.
Here at OTP we pride ourself on only the best going out the door.
Word - Clorehaven Building Rubble Set