Chairs / Lounge Sets

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Chairs / Lounge Sets

There are 3 set options

Park Bench set comes with 2 of each 
Bench A 40x13x23mm
Bench B 64x16x11mm
Modern Leather Look Lounge Set of 6
2 x Corner lounge 58x58x25mm
2 x 3 Seater Lounge 22x58x25mm
Double Seat lounge 22x40x25mm
Single Seat 22x23x25mm
Timber Chair Set of 16, 4 of each chair
4 x Chair A 17x19x42mm
4 x Chair B 17x16x38mm
4 x Chair C 12x15x30mm
4 x Chair D 17x15x32mm


FDM Printed PLA+