Bamboo Cup for Dice / Tokens

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Bamboo Cup for Dice / Tokens

A bamboo cup that can be used to randomly draw game tokens, for use in games such as Test of Honour. The cup measures approximately 90mm in diameter and 100mm in height. It features a curved bottom inside to allow easy withdrawal of tokens.
The cup also features space for a 30mm symbol to be placed at the front and back of the cup. A "samurai" kanji symbol is included (pictured). An extra symbol, for the Kikuchi Clan (crossed feathers) is also included in this set.

    This  range of historical / fantasy themed 28mm wargaming terrain is suitable for feudal Japanese villages and towns, for use in your Test of Honour, Torii, Kensei, Bushido, Ronin, WWII Bolt Action and other wargames and roleplaying games.

    Highly detailed terrain is a must for your ultimate gaming experience.

    Printed with Silver PLA+ to high quality and low layer height.

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