6mm Pipe Tower MEGA Set

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Pipe Tower Mega Set 
This is huge and is a great way to buy a full set and a cheaper price. 
This set offers elevation, LOS, walkways & cover. 



This Set comes with the following.
1 x Tower defense wall roof
1 x Tower Mechanical style A straight through
1 x Tower mechanical styal A
3 x Pipe tower roof vent
2 x Pipe tower style A half size
2 x Pipe tower style A
1 x Pipe tower style A 4 way
1 x Pipe tower style A corner
12 x Vat fuel tower levels
2 x Bridge 1x3 style C
1 x Bridge 2x3 style C
Printed in silver PLA and easley painted with primer them acrylic paints
Set designed by OTP Terrain
OTP Terrain is a 
Licensed Printer