6mm Anti-AIR SET

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Great set if you're looking for Anti Air  
Please note this requires assembling 
Parts it comes with
2X Straight pieces with ladder
6x straight pieces
10x corner pieces
2x inner corner pieces
2x full gun with cannon
2x gun body
1x gun tip gattling
1x air gun tip missiles
9x floor 2x2 style A
4x combat zone walls
1x combat zone wall corner
These 6mm prints do sometimes require some cleaning on your part we clean them up a bit then the rest is for you, the ones that need the cleaning some times are the ones that are spindly like these ones
Furniture - 6mm Anti-AIR SET
The front right Gothic tower you can clean with a small file or hobby knife but you have to be careful they are delicate.
The ones that are solid are not an issue we can get them nice and clean.
To do these prints we are having to use a very high grade filament and also a very fine nozzle and because of this they take just as long as the 28mm scale to print
If you have any questions before purchasing please message us, happy to answer any questions.
The images used are 28mm scale just so you can see the detail in the item.
Text - 6mm Anti-AIR SET