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54B - 54A Tile Set 12"x12"

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54B - 54A Tile Set 12"x12"

The Bad Zones Necromunda Inspired terrain.
From the depths of the under hive The Bad Zones is born, this 3D modeled terrain is designed to would along side you Dark Up Rising sets.
Bring you Necromunda table alive. They stack, extend & become what you wish your table to be.
Add the extra little parts like railings, ladders, pipes & much more as we slowly add to this amazing range over the comming months.
Fully modular!!

4 x 6"x6"  Floor Tile 
1 x Shoret straight walls
1 x Full straight wall
1 x Collumn
1 x Piped wall
Printed in Silver PLA+ to a high quality & standard
OTP Terrain are now 3D modeling
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