What is HEXTECH?

What is HEXTECH?

HEXTECH is a modular hex based terrain system for your sci-fi games, most notably Battletech.  This terrain line has been designed from the ground up to be fully functional as a gaming surface while looking fantastic. Standard hex size is 33mm (1.25" in Imperial) which allows the terrain pieces to sit on top of a standard Battletech paper map perfectly.  Alternately, use the various expansion packs to build an entire hex board for your armies to battle on.  

HEXTECH Features & Benefits

- Fully modular terrain system designed from the ground up for hexed gameplay. 
- Wide variety of expansion packs allows for endless configurations
- Cleverly engineered to have perfectly flat top surfaces, allowing for miniatures to occupy all open hexes without the need to balance miniatures dangerously. 
- All terrain features are designed to be compatible with the elevation levels in relation to the rules of the Battletech tabletop game.  No more guessing or arguing over elevations or LoS.
- Elevations and buildings roofs have small markings on the top surfaces that allow for vertical movement without losing track of your position on the hex board.  No more confusion on which hex you are standing on when jumping on top of a building. 
 - Durable, easy to paint and finish.  FDM 3D printed products have far greater durability than foam crafted objects or laser cut MDF.  Some of our buildings are strong enough a grown man could stand on the roofs without them breaking.   These products have the potential to last a lifetime and are very easy to paint and enjoy. 

Examples Of Set-Ups & Versatility

Below are some examples of the versatility of the terrain system, in addition to some close up pictures of some of the above features.  Take extra notice of all the various places and situations you can place your units on, and have them perfectly balanced and able to occupy all legal hexes with ease.
*** Miniatures shown in the pictures are for scale example only.  ***