High Quality 3D Printed Gaming Terrain & Miniatures
High Quality 3D Printed Gaming Terrain & Miniatures
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Q. Why do order take up to 6 weeks?
A. Our order take up to 6 weeks to dispatch because we have a lot of orders, and because the quality/standard we print to the prints take a long time.
Q. If I wanted a less of a quality can I get it faster?
A. This is not something we offer as we operate to a high standard and quality and want out products out there to be uniform.
Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. We sure do all over the world if you have a bulk order please email us and we can see if we can help out with shipping.
Q. Can you do item in another scale.
A. Yes just send us a message or email and we can price up to the scale your after.
Q. If I have my own Stl file can you print it?
Q. Yes we can we charge a printing fee and invoice you.
Q. What glue do i need to use?
A. You can use normal hobby plastic glue or superglue is fine too.
Q. Do I need to clean the products in anything before painting?
A. No they are ready to prime and paint.
Q. Do you ship outside Australia?
A. Year 70% of out sale are overseas.
Q. How much is shipping in Australia?
A. $10 Flat rate or Free on orders over $180.
Q. Do you allow picked up?
A. Yes we are Perth’s based and picked up is from Southern River