Wightwood Abbey Pig Sty

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Wightwood Abbey Pig Sty

The Wightwood Abbey Porc sty is not just a great place for pigs to hang out. It’s also the perfect place for a sneaky orelog or bandit to hide and ambush unsuspecting monks! Place your innocent pigs in the yard and evil ambusher in the hut and watch the chaos unfold! The working gate and removable roof on this cool little model add great functionality to this fun model. Great for farmsteads, villages and, of course, monasteries.6

  • Removable roof
  • Assembled size: 15 x 15 x 7.6cm
  • Working swinging gate!
    28mm scale
    Printed in Silver PLA+

    “There is little I enjoy more than spending time with my little brothers, the pigs, in their little sty. But an hour ago when the sun went down, I swear I saw some misshapen shadow creep into their hut, and despite my better reasoning I dare not approach til dawn.” – Brother Rowntree

    A deceptively functional piece, the Wightwood Abbey Porc Sty is a great place to set up a small defence, and an even better place to hide an attacker (or refugee!). Being able to print both a version with ground and without makes it even more versatile, and the working gate and removable roof make this a very ‘playable’ piece.

    Wether you use this piece in your village, farmstead, bandit enclave or as part of a some hermit’s homestead, it’s a versatile piece that can add cover and, with the removable roof, a great surprise element to your scenario.