Wightwood Abbey Farm Set

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Wightwood Abbey Farm Set

The Medieval Farming Terrain Bundle includes from our Wightwood Abbey collection:

  • Medieval Apiary
  • Medieval Porc Sty
  • Medieval Chicken Coop
  • Wightwood Abbey Water Pump

Outfit your farmstead, village, bandit camp, monastery, druid lodge or any other rural community with these 4 quintessential elements of medieval animal husbandry. Each element of this set provides a unique type of cover or hiding place for your characters or skirmish squad, and movable elements such as the Porc Sty gates or Water Pump armature add a fun level of versatility. Hide an orc in the Porc Sty, take cover behind the fallen log of the Apiary or perch archers on the Chicken Coop walkway! Add realism and great creative aspects to your game board with this discounted bundle.

          28mm scale
          Printed in Silver PLA+

          “Dawn or dusk, and all the time in-between, you could see Brother Rowntree making the rounds between all the animals on the abbey grounds. Bees, porcs, horses, donkeys, chickens; all manner of beast was treated with the same affection and respect by our beloved brother.” – General opinion of Brother Rowntree at Wightwood Abbey

          Bundled together for your convenience are four major elements of the pastoral nature of life at Wightwood Abbey. With this set you can really bring the essence of the abbey to life, or flesh out your own ideas for a village, bandit camp, druid enclave, farmstead, etc.

          All the pieces in this set make excellent scatter terrain. With functional elements such as the removable roof and openable gate of the Porc Sty and the 1″ walkway for the chicken coop, this set is functional as well as aesthetically