Wightwood Abbey Cloister Garden

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Wightwood Abbey Cloister Garden

Large, well-maintained gardens intersected by paved walkways with central seating area, removable fountain and interchangeable garden ornaments (sundial, birdbath, statue and swinging bell). Excellent as a central feature in a skirmish battle or RPG scenario where traversable terrain with lots of cover is desired.

Prints in 13 parts
Assembled size: 14″L x 14″W x 3.5″H inches
Prints are interchangeable garden ornaments (including swinging bell)
removable central fountain
Locks together using 1.75mm filament (Fila-lock) will be supplied
28mm scale
Printed in Silver PLA+

“At long last I can rest. The fragrance of these gardens are to me the ecstasy of a promise fulfilled. If the king calls me up again to war, I swear by the Light he’ll have to personally drag from from this garden.” – Sir Hewell, Knight of the Light

The Wightwood Abbey Cloister Gardens are designed as an addition to the Wightwood Abbey monastery courtyard and fit perfectly when used in this context. Of course, they can easily be used in any scenario where a central garden area is called for; such as within the walls of a nobles estate, or inside the castle of a great lord. The 4 garden ornaments are interchangeable and the 4 different trees can be rotated in place and positioned as desired. This piece works excellently as a large central feature to any scenario or skirmish that needs a piece of terrain that is easy to access but also provides plenty of cover.