Wightwood Abbey Apiary / Bee Hive

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Wightwood Abbey Apiary / Bee Hive

The Wightwood Abbey Apiary is not only a very unique model, but is also a great piece of scatter terrain. Plenty of cover is to be found around the fallen tree and surrounding boulders, and the bees themselves can add a surprising element to your game.

  • Prints in 2 pieces
  • Assembled size: 15.2 x 26.6 x 7.6cm
        28mm scale
        Printed in Silver PLA+

        “There is nothing I enjoy more than a hot summer’s day on the plateau. I’ll sit for hours by the Rookery and watch clouds roll over the cool, distant Karatha mountains. All I need to feel such a deep peace is such an afternoon along with a loaf of bread from the village, a bottle of mead and the easy drone of the bees from the apiary ” – Brother Rowntree

        The Wightwood Abbey Apiary was constructed by the monks from a fallen tree. Sheltered from the hot summer sun, the bees have a protected place to produce their delicious honey (and your miniatures have an excellent place to hide and take cover).

        Wether you use this piece in your village, farmstead, bandit enclave or as part of a some hermit’s homestead, it’s a fun piece that can add cover and an interesting objective to your scenario. Combined with the other animal husbandry models in the Wightwood Abbey set you can really flesh out your rurally themed game board.